The Nine Most Important Training Videos on How to Properly Handle a Firearm
By The Editors

How to Properly Handle a Firearm

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It's called work for a reason; it's not always fun. Those who love their work can't deny the grind, the ground hog repetition. It's hard work. What makes work fun is putting your shoulder behind things that are worthy.
By Guy Shepperd

Shooting Video 1: Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette

Shooting Video 2: Gun Safety 101

Shooting Video 3: Proper Pistol Grip

Shooting Video 4: Sight Alignment and Sight Picture

Shooting Video 5: Shooting Stance

Shooting Video 6: Head & Shoulder Position

Shooting Video 7: Pull the Trigger the Right Way

Shooting Video 8: Beginner Target-Shooting Tip—Trigger Control

Shooting Video 9: Pistol Shooting with Both Eyes Open



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