Massholian Exceptionalism
By Guy Shepherd

The Masshole diaspora has a deep bench of "Undeniable” talent on which PM will build better Planned Men versions of our best selves.

Massholian Exceptionalism
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It's called work for a reason; it's not always fun. Those who love their work can't deny the grind, the ground hog repetition. It's hard work. What makes work fun is putting your shoulder behind things that are worthy.
By Guy Shepperd

Why in a nation of roughly 330M souls—over half male—is there not a company existing to celebrate, serve and defend the principled interests of men?

Now there is: Planned Man—you’re welcome.

The good news is there’s a genuine depth of “undeniable” talent that will make men better.

My baby brother, Mike, makes the best case for “Massholian Exceptionalism.”

Growing up, whenever some fucking, la-de-da jerk—more often than not, a friend of mine from elsewhere—would overlook Massachusetts’ important, cultural contributions to America, he had the Schoolhouse Rock! pitch that drew blood.

The Masshole diaspora has a deep bench of “Undeniable” talent on which PM will build better Planned Men versions of our best selves:

  • Bill Burr: the stand-out comic of this moment in time. Planned Man announced yesterday its desire to give William Fredrick Burr—as soon as he will accept—it’s not-yet-coveted Lenny Bruce Award.
  • Joe Rogan: this guy has some manly range: comedian, ring commentator. He’s a black belt’s black belt. But Mr. Rogan’s gift to the world is the Joe Rogan Experience—a trip that is showing the way forward to shared, sane lane. Come back after checking out this spinning, back kick.
  • Dave Portnoy: the lucky guy who made fame and fortune the easy way—he gave men what they wanted: sports & gambling. The girls and pizza are enjoyed as well.
  • Mark Wahlberg: after watching HBO’s Wahl Street—an attempt to capture the kinetic day of the just another band out of Boston—this American entrepreneur’s going to scale across multiple platforms. It’s exhaustingly great TV and a great, American story.
  • Dana White: the man who successfully birthed a global sport. The UFC was born for less-global reasons: a Brazilian-jujitsu family, The Gracies, wanted to prove they were the best fighters. They made there point and some money. Dana White—debts aside to The Gracies, Joe Rogan, the Fertitta Brothers, et al—created a global, safe space for the “Are You Ready? Are You Ready? Let’s Get it on!” expression.

I hold the value of these Guys to be self-evident—but they are deserving of continued praise. We will make the case here, in the best of all “Wicked Pissa” ways, that there’s a path toward a better, Planned Man future.

Bill Burr pushed back perfectly, when he endured some woke, PC, take-the-knee grief:

“Stop it… Grow up… Go out and start your own shit… Nobody cares. Makes no difference if you have a dick or a twat between your legs. Don’t look for quotas to come to your aid. Become undeniable,” Burr stated confidently and proudly.




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