“My name is Tucker Max, and I am an asshole.”
By The Editors

We don’t agree with ‘The New York Times’ very often, but they nailed it in Tucker Max’s case: “Highly entertaining and thoroughly reprehensible.”

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It's called work for a reason; it's not always fun. Those who love their work can't deny the grind, the ground hog repetition. It's hard work. What makes work fun is putting your shoulder behind things that are worthy.
By Guy Shepperd

If you haven’t read Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, it’s time to change that.

Tucker Max is “an asshole,” as he says in the first line of his book. But he’s one of the best kinds of assholes…an asshole who does funny shit and always turns it into a great story.

We promise you will snort beer out your nose more than once, while you read this. Or you will be so appalled by this book you will wonder how we could recommend it. Either one or both reactions is justified.

Times have changed a lot since this book was first published in 2009; we hoped you’ve changed too. Even that asshole, Tucker Max, has changed since then. It’s hard to believe, but he got married and now has three kids.

If he’s still an asshole, we hope for his family’s sake he’s at least a different kind of asshole.

We recommend getting a copy of his latest, updated edition to learn from Tucker himself how things have turned out, even if you read the book when it first released.



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