It's called work for a reason; it's not always fun. Those who love their work can't deny the grind, the ground hog repetition. It's hard work. What makes work fun is putting your shoulder behind things that are worthy.
By Guy Shepperd

What is Independence Day without music? To help you celebrate the birth of our nation from picnic to party to personal reflection to fireworks, we offer these four perfect July 4 playlists.

The perfect Independence Day calls for the perfect set of playlists.

That's why we've compiled four playlists below for you, to take you from your afternoon July 4 picnic to a period of reflection with family and friends on what it means to be both free and part of this great nation, to a modern party playlist for celebrating all these years of freedom, to just the right music while you watch the sky above explode with fireworks until you come to on the fifth. Of July.



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